Data Intensive Software Analytics (DISA)

Current Students

  1. Abdullah Alamin (MSc from Winter 2021):
  2. Ajoy Das (MSc from Winter 2021)
    • Award: UofC Tuition Allowance 2021 ($3K)
  3. Junaed Younus Khan (MSc from Spring 2021):
    • Paper: SANER 2021 x 1, MLWA 2021 x 1
    • Award: UofC Tuition Allowance 2021 ($3K)
  4. Camilla Abdrazakov (From May 2021, Summer undergrad)
  5. Madhu Selvaraj (From May 2021, Summer undergrad)
  6. Hesham Elkaliouby (From May 2021, Summer undergrad)
  7. Sogol Shirali (From May 2021, Summer undergrad)
  8. Etienne Lagace (From May 2021, Summer undergrad)

Incoming Students

  1. Minaoar Hossain Tanzil (MSc from Fall 2021)
  2. Shaiful Chowdhury (Postdoc from Winter 2022)

Past/Current Student Mentees

  1. Saikat Mondal, MSc (now PhD) student at University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
    • Paper: MSR 2021 x 1, ICSME 2020 RR x 1
    • Award: Best MSc Graduate Thesis Award 2021 (across the entire University of Saskatchewan), Research Excellence Award 2020 (Department of Computer Science at USask), Geddes Award 2019
  2. Partha Chakraborty, BSc at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).Paper: IST 2021 x 1, JSERD 2021 x 1 (under review)
  3. Nibir Mandal, BSc at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).
  4. Khairul Islam, BSc at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).
    • Paper: IST 2021 x 1 (under review)

Current Openings at the DISA Lab

PhD Position

Please note that a student with a Bachelor degree can apply directly to a PhD program at the University of Calgary.

I have an immediate opening of a fully-funded PhD student at the DISA Lab of the University of Calgary from Fall 2021.

The student will work predominantly on cybersecurity and software security. The student should have expertise in software security, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

The position is supported by a faculty catalyst grant that I was awarded at the University of Calgary. It is possible that the student will later collaborate with industrial partners. 

The student will work under the sole supervision of me at the DISA (Data Intensive Software Analytics) lab, founded by me at the University of Calgary. The DISA lab currently has eight students (graduate + undergraduate), with more graduate students joining from Fall 2021 and a postdoc is potentially joining in Winter 2021. DISA lab members have been publishing papers at software engineering venues like MSR, SANER, ASE, ICSE, TSE, TOSEM, etc.

My students/mentees regularly publish in reputed top quality peer-reviewed journals and conferences. One of our works is recently featured in numerous news (e.g., BBC news).
One of my mentees has received university-wide the best Master’s thesis award at the University of Saskatchewan.

University of Calgary is among the top six ranked research universities in Canada. Calgary is the third largest city in Canada. Calgary is a vibrant and beautiful city, surrounded by mountains. Calgary has a multi-cultural population. Calgary is focusing extensively on data science skills to diversify its Economy towards a data-centric entrepreneur culture. This is a great time to be in Calgary and to be in Canada.

Please feel free to send me your CV, along with your academic transcripts and a list of your publications.

MSc Position

I do not have any fully-funded MSc position open at this moment. However, the situation could change in near future. Please feel free to send me your CV, along with your academic transcripts and a list of your publications (if any).

My MSc students need to be self-motivated and hardworking. It’s ideal for the students to have good programming background, such as in Python, R, Java, etc. In addition, previous experience in machine learning will be considered as an asset. It’s important for the students to have good communication skills through wrteup and presentations.

Undergraduate Students

I love mentoring undergraduate students. The undergraduate students that I mentored generally achieved great results under my supervision (e.g., publications). Please feel free to send me an email if you are an undergraduate student and you are passionate about research.

If you are an international undergraduate student, you may work with me under the Mitacs Globalink Program. See: https://www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/globalink (Project ID: 26565 and 26923).